D'Ingianni Porsche 916

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The D'Ingianni Porsche 916 is a very true, yet modern, replica of the Porsche 916.  This exotic supercar has all of the looks and style of the original 916 prototype, but sports some upgrades that can only be implemented with today's technology and 20 years of parts acquisition.  While some Porsche 914 owners have strayed away from authenticity with radical body modifications or V-8 conversions, this car has maintained integrity by using only Porsche parts or aftermarket additions which compliment the original 916 design and style.

To begin with, the original 4-cylinder 1.8 liter engine with the big-bore kit was not enough.  Neither was the true-to-spec 2.2 or 2.7 liter 6-cylinder found in the original 916.  This 916 powerhouse uses a 3.2 liter Porsche 6-cylinder with electronic fuel injection, a "flipped" 901 gearbox, and a hydraulic clutch.

All of this power is held in place with reinforcements for the chassis, longitudinals, and rear trailing arms, as well as, motor mounts designed for large 911 engine transplants.  Stopping power is provided by 911 SC calipers and rotors in the front and 914-6 rotors in the rear.

Original-sized Fuchs alloy wheels, a double-grilled engine compartment lid, and a color-matched targa top are just a few of the tricks added to this looker.  The modern R134a air conditioning keeps you cool during hot rides.  Finally, a very rare clear Saratoga moon roof tops off this modern-day Porsche rarity.

D'Ingianni's Porsche 916 with rare Saratoga Top

The D'Ingianni 916 (front) and "Old Yeller" (rear).

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